Real life example of Left of Boom in action:

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Bryson W. – received training to identify threats from non-verbal behavior, emotional content and to identify body-bombers from Lee prior to his deployment to Afghanistan.  Upon his return to civilian live, Bryson was attending church on a Sunday morning when a man entered the church about half-way through the service carrying a military-style bag.  He sat in the front pew.  Bryson noticed several of the indicators that Lee had taught him regarding body-bombers and emotional detection.  Bryson then moved up to sit right next to this man.  After the service, Bryson departed, and two under-cover law enforcement officers took the man into a side room.  The next Wednesday evening Bryson was attending a Bible study when the lead pastor took him aside and said that he had prevented a “really bad thing” from happening and thanked him.   

LEFT OF BOOM is a simple and proactive concept with BOOM being the negative event. LEFT OF BOOM means to be aware of a situation or developing situation and proactively take corrective action to prevent a bad or life threatening situation. Unfortunately, First Responders (police, fire, security, military) usually come after the shooting, robbery, fire, explosion (think Beruit). 

As the name implies, First Responders react to a critical situation instead of preventing it.  Sentir Global trains and develops individuals to beFirst Preventers”.