Developing a Left of Boom Mentality for Prevention

Most school districts "say" that safety is a key component, but few districts actually train their personnel to be proactive. Sentir Global training does precisely that - train staff, teachers and administrators to operate - Left of Boom and detect the pre-event indicators necessary to mitigate or stop threats, protect students and save lives!

  • Stay "Left of Boom" with Sentir Global's unique proactive education programs developed specifically for security professionals, educational institutions, commercial corporations and government officials.  

The focus is Crisis Prevention rather than Crisis Response

​​​Sentir Global, Inc.​

  • Safe Schools for a New Era:  Designed for school districts with emphasis onprevention rather than reaction!
  • Internal threats                                         
  • Indicators of suicidal behavior
  • Pre-event indicators of radicalization               
  • Active Shooter training
  • FBI school shooting pre-event indicators     
  • Courses for K-12 students
  • Physical Security and Digital Security certified training programs 

Training Programs for Schools, Corporations and Faith-based Organizations

What this means for you: The ability to evaluate human behavior and recognize pre-event indicators to potentially threatening situations or actions – Before they happen