Sentir Global has the good fortune to have numerous world-class instructors that are recognized as Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields including: 

Hospitality Security                                            Military Security                                          Law Enforcement                                               Port Security
Academia                                                             U.S. Border Patrol
Emotional Detection                                          Threat Recognition
Universal Human Behavior                               Customs/Border Guard Security Operations
Physical Security                                                 Fraud and Insider Threats
Crisis Management                                            Adult Security Education
School Security and Prevention 

About US

Sentir Global Corporation is a world-class intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and training organization. Our training courses develop keen observation skills through innovative and unique training programs. Our training courses empower security officers with the knowledge and skill set to detect potentially threatening events before they happen, saving their lives, and the lives of others.

We partner with academia, private corporations, non-profit organizations, international security-training organizations and NGO's to make our vision a reality and provide world class training enhancing your security profile.

We offer certificated courses in physical security and human behavioral threat recognition training. 


‚ÄčOur training and education programs have been used, tested and validated in the US and internationally. 

Lee Wakefield is a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer with over 23 years serving in intelligence and operational environments.  Mr. Wakefield worked for several years training U.S. Marines to use observation and surveillance systems prior to their deployments overseas. He has earned a master's degree in Anti-terrorism and Homeland Security from San Diego State University.