• Eye-tracking monitors for training​
  • GIS entry-point analysis​
  • ​​Surveillance and Counter-surveillance tactics with technology

  • Hand-held thermal cameras for inspection purposes​
  • Sentir Global views technology as a "Force Multiplier" in the fight against criminal activity and not a crutch to lean on. As a result, we have focused on training your officers to function at a very high level without the aid of technology.

Technology and Security

Technology Training Modules:

  • ​​​To remain completely neutral with respect to technology companies, we do not represent any company or provider. This allows us to offer the best advice and training possible.  Our mission is to offer the best solutions and world-class training for intelligence gathering and decision-making capabilities.
  • Big Data Analytics and vehicle/passenger Intelligence​
  • Thermal Imagery for air/sea terminals​
  • ​Sentir Global conducts a great deal of research into Leading-Edge Technology Solutions that can be used in a variety of border crossing and customs applications.  We then offer enhanced training specifically with technology to increase the country's return on it's investment in solutions and personnel.​​
  • Transnational Criminal Trafficking analytics (by region)

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Intelligence analytics​
  • ​​Camera and Sensor use for border security