We will build a training program specifically tailored to your security needs.

  • Predicting and preventing workplace violence and domestic violence at the academic workplace.
  • Identification and mitigation of stressed out or AT-RISK students or teachers; those most likely to be recruited into inappropriate sexual relations, radical terrorist organizations, bullying, school violence, gang membership, ideological or drug related affiliation.
  • Identification of human behaviors which lead to early Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) detection and mitigation.
  • Identification of pre-event suicidal behaviors

Sentir Global offers Custom-built training and education programs for your institution with an emphasis on prevention.

Active Shooter Training Is Too Late For Prevention!

  • Case studies from 8 college shootings looking at pre-event knowledge that was not acted upon and the results. Then developing that Left of Boom Mindset.    
  • Predictive analysis and proactive prevention of School Shootings [the HOW TO on detecting danger "Left of Boom" while learning how to foster a proactive mindset in the workplace or organization].

College and University Security Training

  • Specific training for Human Resources professional​s
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities (attending training for "responding to an active shooter" means that  you were too late in the proactivity process).  Predictive Analysis saves lives through the gift of time and distance - before an incident!