You must be able to recognize the threat from just an anomaly.

  • Realtor Security Training for Open Houses, client interaction and showings
  • Situational Awareness Training for your friends, family and kids.
  • Target-hardening Situational Awareness Training for your late adolescent children leaving home for college, gap years or solo travel opportunity.
  • Target-hardening Situational Awareness Training for your community group.
  • Critical Infrastructure gap identification and mitigation training and education.
  • Self-defense, safety awareness and situational awareness training and education for your Synagogue, Church, Mosque or Temple groups.
  • Reducing the risk and increasing performance in your Corporation and its employees.
  • Human behavior-based negotiations useful from the boardroom to the bargaining table.
  • Street smart anti-rape-self-defense and safety awareness training and education.
  • Training for individuals or families relocating for international work, temporary assignments ...
  • Combating Radicalization and Extremism in adolescents and post adolescents.

Learn how to identify threats early.

Private Sector and Corporate Security Training