I have found Lee Wakefield's teaching and the content of Sentir Global's training to be a huge benefit. Mr. Wakefield provides materials, expert counsel and a wealth of safety information for anyone looking to learn how to protect themselves and those around them from eminent danger.

Lee uses a creative and engaging approach to teaching safety and situational awareness, as well as helping to expand your personal understanding of the way the "bad guy" thinks, looks and acts before the situation occurs. A Sentir seminar maintains a perfect pace of learning with exercises that teach us how to detect potential harm against ourselves and others. Sentir Training has allowed me to become more aware and alert to hazardous circumstances and signs of threats before they become a possible tragedy. 

I have fa more confidence, awareness and safety intelligence after attending Sentir Security Seminars. Many thanks Lee! These lessons save lives!

​Mark Fitzgerald

What People Think of Us and Our Training

I attended four two-hour sessions of security training presented by Mr. Lee Wakefield. He is a very seasoned professional instructor as well as subject matter expert. His objectives were to help make us more observant, more aware of our surroundings and situational awareness and more importantly, how to understand and observe no-verbal communications and body language. We (students) won't become experts at the conclusion of our training, but more so we are now enabled with the knowledge to identify a normal baseline of activity and deviations from that baseline, the observable physiological and biological indicators to perceived threats, pacifying behaviors, universal human emotions and biometrics such as micro-facial expressions. Armed with this information, I can now better practice reading people and situations during my periods of service within the Safety Ministry. Whether needed professionally on the job (realtors, etc.) or for groups who desire to become more aware (teachers, bankers, etc.) I highly recommend a tailored course of security instruction presented by Mr. Wakefield of Sentir Global

Ken Hagan 

This class taught by Lee Wakefield from Sentir Global was great and I learned a lot about noticing things out of the ordinary. Often we don't notice the small everyday detains that could be important. We learned about situational awareness and remembering clothing, heights and facial features that we could use to describe a person. There were many helpful slides that trained your brain to remember details in the crowd. I'm glad this training was provided as we can use these skills when we are in crowds of people and spot possible threats. Also , we noticed gaps in security that be better safe guarded. 

​Rex Frohlich

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