T. Adams – Ms. Adams took the course but felt that she would not need such security information.  About two weeks later, she was assisting her daughter to look for an apartment in Irvine.  A male in his twenties told them about his apartment for rent and then told them to meet him there.  The apartment he took them to see was a different apartment than he described to them initially.  Ms. Adams recalled the series of anomalies, inconsistencies in his story and changes in his behavior.  At that time, she remembered several of the indicators Lee taught in the seminar.  She made an excuse to leave after memorizing the young man’s description, make/model of his car and license number.  She and her daughter then departed and called 911 to report the incident.  The police operator thanked her and indicated that they had been looking for that individual who was subsequently picked up.      

Real World Situation and Results - High School 

I have found Lee Wakefield's teaching and the content of Sentir Global's training to be a huge benefit. Mr. Wakefield provides materials, expert counsel and a wealth of safety information for anyone looking to learn how to protect themselves and those around them from eminent danger.

Lee uses a creative and engaging approach to teaching safety and situational awareness, as well as helping to expand your personal understanding of the way the "bad guy" thinks, looks and acts before the situation occurs. A Sentir seminar maintains a perfect pace of learning with exercises that teach us how to detect potential harm against ourselves and others. Sentir Training has allowed me to become more aware and alert to hazardous circumstances and signs of threats before they become a possible tragedy. 

I have far more confidence, awareness and safety intelligence after attending Sentir Security Seminars. Many thanks Lee! These lessons save lives!             ​Mark

Bob W. – shortly after attending the Threat Recognition Seminar, Bob observed a male high school student conducting illegal drug activities.  Bob remembered the Art and Science of Visual Intelligence and was able to recall precisely the description of the student to the high school resource officer and administrator. From Bob’s description, they immediately knew who the student was and then contacted him and his parents.  

I attended four two-hour sessions of security training presented by Mr. Lee Wakefield. He is a very seasoned professional instructor as well as subject matter expert. His objectives were to help make us more observant, more aware of our surroundings and situational awareness and more importantly, how to understand and observe no-verbal communications and body language. We (students) won't become experts at the conclusion of our training, but more so we are now enabled with the knowledge to identify a normal baseline of activity and deviations from that baseline, the observable physiological and biological indicators to perceived threats, pacifying behaviors, universal human emotions and biometrics such as micro-facial expressions. Armed with this information, I can now better practice reading people and situations during my periods of service within the Safety Ministry. Whether needed professionally on the job (realtors, etc.) or for groups who desire to become more aware (teachers, bankers, etc.) I highly recommend a tailored course of security instruction presented by Mr. Wakefield of Sentir Global.        Ken

This class taught by Lee Wakefield from Sentir Global was great and I learned a lot about noticing things out of the ordinary. Often we don't notice the small everyday details that could be important. We learned about situational awareness and remembering clothing, heights and facial features that we could use to describe a person. There were many helpful slides that trained your brain to remember details in the crowd. I'm glad this training was provided as we can use these skills when we are in crowds of people and spot possible threats. Also , we noticed gaps in security that be better safe guarded. ​​          Rex

Real World Situation and Results - Church 

Bryson W. – received training to identify threats from non-verbal behavior, emotional content and to identify body-bombers from Lee prior to his deployment to Afghanistan.  Upon his return to civilian life, Bryson was attending church on a Sunday morning when a man entered the church about half-way through the service carrying a military-style bag.  He sat in the front pew.  Bryson noticed several of the indicators that Lee had taught him regarding body-bombers and emotional detection.  Bryson then moved up to sit right next to this man.  After the service, Bryson departed, and two under-cover law enforcement officers took the man into a side room.  The next Wednesday evening Bryson was attending a Bible study when the lead pastor took him aside and said that he had prevented a “really bad thing” from happening and thanked him.   

Some Feedback from US School, Church & Corporate Training

 Intelligence + Surveillance + Reconnaissance + Sentir Training = Left of Boom Mentality and Safety 

Border Guard Training Student Comment

“I've registered to the year course at BMSC. It would be great if you were one of the experts on it! I really appreciated your course and sometimes catch myself on using your observation techniques! 😁 It works, I must say! 

Thanks for sharing new information!”        Border Guard Officer (Name withheld for security reasons.) Attended Class in Dushanbe

  • I received far more than expected from the training and practical exercises.  
  • This is the first time I have heard about such training which was interesting and useful for my job daily. 
  • Knowledgeable and super relatable-excellent content and examples..
  • I will use all of the information in my daily position on the border.
  • Very modern topic with excellent approach, delivery and scientific content.
  • The theory was explained in practical way: I need this experience in my work.
  • Excellent exercises to stimulate memory and observation techniques.

Real World Situation and Results - Personal 

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