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Customs/Border Guard Officer Training Programs

Sentir Global offers unique, world-class training programs for Customs Officers and Border Security Officers.  Our expert training programs will significantly enhance the security posture of a country or organization; focusing on human behavior and prevention, rather than responding to a critical event -- a process we call "Left of Boom."

Border Guard Training Student Comment

​“I've registered to the year course at BMSC. It would be great if you were one of the experts on it! I really appreciated your course and sometimes catch myself on using your observation techniques! 😁 It works, I must say! 

Thanks for sharing new information!” 

Border Guard Officer (Name withheld for security reasons.) Attended Class in Dushanbe

Training Programs:

  • Multi-discipline courses providing the best practices from academia (psychology and neuroscience), military security, law enforcement, and border patrol operations from U.S. experts.

  • Include extensive knowledge and real-world experience delivered in lecture and scenario-based learning formats, in addition to practical exercises. 

  • Multiple adult-learning instructional concepts, your Officers receive the skill set needed to operate effectively, with or without use of technology, to proactively identify and mitigate potential threats