• Schools, Colleges and Universities scheduling training for "response to an active shooter" event means that you were too late in the proactivity process.  
  • Predictive behavioral analysis saves lives through the gift of time and distance - before an incident!
  • Identification of pre-event indicators to suicidal behaviors
  • Predictive analysis and proactive prevention of School Shootings: What that means to you – school administrators: “the HOW TO on detecting danger Left of Boom while learning how to foster a proactive mindset in the education environment”
  • Predicting and prevention workplace violence and domestic violence at the academic workplace.
  • Specific training for Human Resources professional
  • Identification and mitigation of “stressed out” or AT-RISK students or teachers; those most likely to be recruited into inappropriate sexual relations, radical terrorist organizations, bullying, school violence, gang membership, ideological or drug related affiliation.

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