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Subject showing signs of stress or anxiety while giving deceptive answers

Intelligence   +   Surveillance   +   Reconnaissance   +   Training  =  Left of Boom

Sentir Global, Inc.

Subject under normal stress conditions

Thermal Imagery Training

  • Sentir Global's training programs incorporate specific scientific curriculum to use this leading-edge technology to identify biometric threats that the human eye has difficulty detecting.
  • Entry-point use of thermal imagery and operator training from Sentir Global will significantly enhance your personnel and organization's detection of potential threats.
  • Imagine the photos at the right (bottom on mobile), your security personnel can detect a change in the biometric signature of the person in line under normal stress, then when that person is attempting to gain access to a sterile area using deceit.
  • Using technology your personnel will be able to detect potential duress or deception and incorporate Question-Based Analysis based on biometric behavioral evidence!