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Sentir Global, Inc.

Operations, Data and Force Management Training for Security Supervisors

  • Well-trained security supervisors play a key role in efficient security operations.
  • Sentir Global focuses on training these supervisors in all aspects of operations, data, and force management. Once a system operator detects criminal activity and alerts the supervisor, the supervisor needs to get that real-time information to the right personnel in order to prevent the disaster.
  • Instant communication and on-scene intelligence will help security personnel understand the situation before they arrive.
  • Supervisor training includes key leadership principles to offer "Best Practices" for the organization to continue to develop increased security and pride of ownership in the time of difficult decision-making.
  • The decision nodes include the Most Likely Courses of Action (MLCOA) and the Most Dangerous Courses of Action (MDCOA).
  • The predictive analysis training approach which Sentir Global offers is modular, exportable and scalable solutions which are unmatched in the security arena anywhere – period.

 Intelligence   +   Surveillance   +   Reconnaissance   +   Training  =  Left of Boom

Training includes key leadership principles