Intelligence   +   Surveillance   +   Reconnaissance   +   Training  =  Left of Boom

  • World-class, dynamic, specialized training and education programs for small units, medium-sized agencies or larger organizations.
  • Stay "Left of Boom" with Sentir Global's unique proactive education programs which are developed to assist security professionals, commercial establishment personnel, and government officials to evaluate human behavior and recognize pre-event indicators to potentially threatening situations or actions. 
  • We offer specialized programs in persistent surveillance for commercial and government application including analysis of existing technology and extensive operator training to enhance your security posture without costly upgrades in cameras or sensors. This training invests in your organizations' most valuable asset, your personnel. 
  • Safe Schools for a New Era:  This training is designed for school districts that truly want to increase the security of their campuses and move ahead of threatening events to develop a security-focused culture to operate with a mindset of being proactive. Numerous school districts "say" that safety is a key component, but few districts actually train their personnel to be proactive. This training does precisely that - train staff, teachers and administrators to operate - Left of Boom and detect the pre-event indicators necessary to mitigate or stop threats.

Sentir Global, Inc.

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Our Education and Training Programs alert your operational officers to a developing situation earlier in the timeline, which assist in their decision-making process - keeping them Left of Boom!