​​​Sentir Global, Inc.

Dynamic, realistic training events

 Intelligence + Surveillance + Reconnaissance + Training = Left of Boom mentality 

​​Global Security Enhanced by the Power of Experience and Technology

Sentir Global offers live constructive and interactive training opportunities for a vast array of academic, corporate, civilian and government clients.

Sentir Global:​

  • Our training programs incorporate scientifically vetted universal human emotional detection. These training techniques teach how to accurately evaluate changes in individuals and/or environments, which may indicate danger.

  • The universal nature of Sentir Global training programs make them effective worldwide and immediately applicable to the specific country language, culture or geography.

  • Sentir Global training programs will fit perfectly with your current and future information technology systems. Technology servers as a Force-multiplier rather than an end-state for your security protocols.  We enhance and validate your investment in your most valuable resource - your personnel!