Sentir Global, Inc.

Global Security Enhanced by the Power of Experience and Technology

Dynamic, realistic training events

 Intelligence   +   Surveillance   +   Reconnaissance   +   Training  =  Left of Boom

Sentir Global offers live, virtual and constructive training opportunities for a vast array of corporate, civilian and military clients.

Sentir Global offers realistic, in-person training

to augment your current training regimen

Sentir Global:

•Our training programs incorporate scientifically vetted universal human emotional detection. These training techniques teach how to accurately evaluate changes in individuals and environments, which may indicate danger.

•The universal nature of Sentir Global training and education programs make them effective worldwide and immediately applicable to the target country language, culture or geography.

Sentir Global training programs will fit perfectly with your current and future information technology systems. We enhance and validate your investment in your most valuable resource - your personnel!